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5 restaurants in Africa where you can have a luxury dining experience.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Enjoying the best of everything when out on a vacation is what you look forward can be restricted if you do not have the right clue on where to visit to make a memorable experience. Restaurants are not left out, as exciting the tummy is one of the top on every to do list when traveling, asides that, the beautiful and welcoming surroundings Spiced up in luxury to give comfort and also befitting for a good picture spot is not left out. There are paradise on earth restaurants you should consider visiting on your next trip.

Les Jardins de La Medina

This restaurant is situated in Marrakech in Morocco, it has been awarded the Traveler's Choice Awards Continuously. In response to its adorable Design, this African restaurant is known as “Gem of Medina.” They serve a simple yet delicious delicacy; it should be your next stop spot for luxury and belly pampering.

La Colombe

Located in South Africa, it is a 4.9 Stars rating restaurant and it is notable for its French

cuisine. LA Colombe provides a 3-course meal for foodies and gourmand and it also has one of the best indoor decors and sublime views.

Tamambo Karen Blixen

Can be found in Blixen’s Farmhouse, Nairobi, Kenya. It's interior beauty and

mouthwatering delicacy is excellent. It specializes in Sea food, Homemade Burgers and Veg curries to mention but few. This African restaurant is also known for being vegan friendly; they have a huge variety of vegetarian dishes to offer.

Al Fassia, Morocco

Morroco seem to be a place of luxurious restaurant; Al Fassia is another spot to

dine and wine, it gives an excellent type of tradition mixed with Luxury. Warmth and politeness of staff have earned Fassia ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and very good ratings.

The Blue Heron

Tanzanians are blessed with this, it is one of the most popular restaurants in Tanzania.

Special meals are being prepared to satisfy the needs of their customers taste bud; the likes of wood-Burnt pizzas, hearty soups, and exotic Italian cuisine. It has been recommended on a scale of 88%.



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