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5 Men in their 20s discuss dating older women

We enjoy speaking to men about relationships and intimacy maybe because they hardly talk about this and whenever they do, they are usually blunt about everything, you will hardly see a guy lie about his emotions or his view or his expectations in a relationship.

Having conversations with men in their 20s, they shed light to why they enjoy dating Older women than ladies their age.

Abdul 26

I met this woman at the club, she told the bar man to send for me, I was reluctant to go but my guys told me to hear her out, that she might actually be a big catch. This particular woman I gauged would be in her late 30s, she did not look it though as she spelt wealth all over her, looking young with no sign of aging. I met with her, she did not say much, she gave me her card and asked me to call her the next day. The rest is history, but one thing I know I have been enjoying so far in this relationship, is peace of mind and endless shower of love.

Steven 23

Dating an older woman is one of the sweetest thing I have done, it comes with lots of Enjoyment and satisfaction, I could recall, this divorced woman I had a thing with, she was so sweet and understanding, she linked me up to where I work presently, she made sure I was comfortable in all areas and even when we ended things, we ended on a good note. Compared to young girls, all they give is trouble and nagging.

Raphael 28

Guy! I could never have imagined it, I have never been a fan of it till I was caught up in the act, my baby be satisfying me in all aspects, sex is a whole different experience. Men hooked up with younger women don't know what they are missing. I wouldn't mind spending forever in my baby's arm. Relationship has been much easier for me.

Kahlid 26

I think I will just stick to younger girl or those my age, they are easy to control. Dating an older woman takes away some sort of man ego from you. This woman was really bossy and I got tired of the whole thing, fine I know you give me money and other things but you also ride my dick woman; put some respect in your dealings with me.

Arnold 23

I really don't care if she is old or young, I just feel there should be a sought of mutual understanding and we are good to go. I don't think at any point in my life I will want to date an older woman, I have friends dating them and it sounds interesting but at this end it's a No No thing.



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