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5 Effective Ways to Handle Creative Block as an Artist

Artists and creatives in general are inspired by different objects, people, places, societal issues, humor, love, and many others. When they are inspired by something, they are moved to create out of the inspiration they obtained. When they cannot immediately create, the inspiration is stored in their minds, these collections of inspiration are called inspiration banks.

Every artist and creative in general has an inspiration bank, a never-ending well of fresh ideas waiting to be manifested in physical form by the artist. Sometimes, however, an artist may find that it has become difficult to access their inspiration bank, and it also becomes difficult to store new ideas in their inspiration banks, when that happens, the artist is often unable to create something new.  When this happens, it is called a creativity block.


A creativity block can span from a few hours to a day, or even months. What can be done when that happens?


1. Don’t Panic.

It is normal to be terrified when you realize that your inspiration ink has dried up, however, panicking is counterproductive. Don't think too much about it or imagine that it is the end of your artistic ability.


2. Spend time with others.

Many times, what you need as a creative is to get out of your head and spend time around other people. Call that old friend and hang out together, go on a communal trip, spend time with friends and family, and talk to more people daily. Doing this will help take your mind off the situation. Who knows, someone could say or do something that would inspire you again! Don't spend time with others looking and waiting to be inspired though. That will only make it a lot harder for you.


3. Spend time with other people’s art.

Step away from trying to create and watch other people's creations. Go to an art gallery and take a look around, feel the art of others, and take it in. Watch documentaries and interviews of other artists, and listen to them talk about their art and what moves them. You not only get to take a break from your work, but you also get to see art from a different perspective.  


4. Have fun.

Don't sweat it. Just go on out and have fun. Cook yourself a meal, make funny videos, watch videos of people and their pets, attend a party, read glossy magazines, just whatever you do for fun. Allow your brain sometimes to rest from all the creative thinking.


5. Step outside your comfort zone.

You could be experiencing a creativity block because you are stuck in your comfort zone and limiting your experiences. Consider working from a different environment. For more severe creativity blocks, try changing your location, meeting new people, and exposing yourself to a different culture and environment.


The best way to handle creativity blocks is to see them as a chance to take a break from doing and just observing. If you're experiencing a creativity block, allow yourself to be, with the right environment and right attitude, you will very likely be in to fill up your inspiration bank again.

When, however, your creativity is blocked due to a traumatic or bad experience, it is important to speak to a precessional.




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