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4 Ways to Become a Tourist in your Local Town


We often get so occupied with working and having a balanced life that we neglect to explore our city and have fun. We work, work, and get so shackled to capitalism and the idea of making money that we forget life is meant to be lived first, before anything else.

So let’s say one of these days you get a small break from work, or you're free for the weekend and bored. You might decide to tour your local town. It’s funny because what if you’ve always lived there? How do you explain to the tour guide that although you’re a local, you don’t know any of the places they’re pointing out? What are the ways to make this tour possible?

There are many ways to become a tourist in your local city. This could range from really awkward to normal, given that you’ve always lived in the city.

1. Ask a friend or an old  resident of the town

Credit: Meganotravels via Pinterest

There are chances that your friends or old residents in the neighborhood know some cool and unlikely places in your city as people like talking of places they enjoyed, their favorite restaurant or coffee shop, and even a nice place to hold a picnic.

Asking someone is one way to get started, as it opens you up to myriad experiences, suggestions, and opportunities. And although you might want to go solo and find places for yourself, getting recommendations from an experienced person will save a lot of stress and get you to avoid the places that are not safe. 

2. Walk to places you'd drive to or take a new route every time you go out.

The possibility of seeing places in detail when you're in a car or tricycle is small. You’ll probably get a glimpse that’ll last a second or two, and that’s all. So, walk. After all, you’re not that lazy. Or are you?

Find new reasons to go out. Like going to get coffee, trying out a new cafe, window shopping, going to the market to get fresh ingredients to make food, visiting a friend, going to church, or checking out a new place you saw online. Walking and taking a new route every time you go out helps you master the terrain faster and makes you feel like a retired resident veteran. Be careful, though. There are places in every city you don’t want to go to. 

3. Visit a new neighborhood

Zuma Rock Golf resort, Abuja. Credit: Pinterest

Explore the neighborhoods around you. If there’s no one to help you here, make use of your phone and check out everywhere—there’s an exception, though: be safe. 

You could start from the neighborhoods closest to you and work your way to further one's. You should invest in a bicycle as some terrains are unsuitable for cars. 

4. Take walks

Walks are soothing, and another way to tour your town is by going out at a different time of the day. Go out in the morning, and go out in the evening. Go out in a noisy place, and go out in a quiet place. Compare and contrast. Which do you like better? How do they make you feel?

Learning your local town might look like a big job when you’re just starting, but as long as you follow the steps we’ve provided above, you’re on your way to knowing the nooks and crannies of your town in no time. The only thing you need to be conscious of is your safety. Explore away, though.



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