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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Prazzle Magazine. 

While we strive to provide everyone an equal opportunity, Prazzle Magazine has the right to approve or reject any entry that does not adhere to our criteria or vision.

Prazzle, as a print-on-demand publication, does not currently offer free print copies to contributors. We also do not have a budget for submissions at the moment and so we hope that all photoshoot expenses for submission to our publication will be covered by the concept's execution team. We will notify our contributors if this changes in the future. 

We accept submissions for both our print and digital publications, as well as our website. Please specify which type of submission you're making; if you don't, we'll assume it's for online content.


If you want to advertise, please send an email to with the subject "Advertising" and visit this link

Contribute Written Material 

Please include a press release or biography, print resolution photos, a weblink, and social media handles when submitting a business, brand, artist, etc. 

Please create an account on our website before emailing samples of your writing (as a link, an attached document, or via your website/blog), social media handles, and a headshot/brand photo. 


Please send all written submissions, 300-550 words in length, to with the subject "Written Submission – "Title of Your Story" and specify whether you're submitting for publication or web content or simply use the form below.

Contribute Visual Content

Prazzle is a platform that celebrates, inspires and connects creatives in the arts with supports or lovers of the arts. We welcome and accept visual content such as film, photography,  artworks, etc.

Please include high-resolution images, videos or animations as well as the relevant information: 

  • The project's title/name 

  • Name of Photographer, Filmmaker, or Artist (All photography submissions must be approved by the owner) 

  • List the members of the creative team, as well as their Instagram handles. 

  • A one- to three-sentence explanation of the shoot's concept 

  • Send in high-resolution images by Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer Link

  • Resolution 300 dpi and above  

  • Each image in a submission should stand on its own.

  • Please avoid submitting two-page spreads. 


Please email all visual content to with the subject "Visual Submission" and indicate whether you're submitting for print or web material or use the submission form below.


Prazzle is a publication that comes out Bi-anually.


Issue 01 Theme:  The Essence of Creativity - Released May 28th, 2022

Issue 02 Theme: Beauty Comes in all Forms - Released October 28th, 2022 

Issue 03 Theme: Resilience - Celebrating those that keep going despite all odds - Submissions open Jan 9th, 2023  Click to submit

All deadlines are 4 weeks prior to the issue's publication date. 

If a contribution is accepted but the final pieces are not received by the deadline, the submission may be withdrawn from publication in the issue for which it was accepted. 


By the conclusion of the fourth week, accepted submissions will have received a response. Please do not be offended if you do not receive a response to your contribution; responding to each email takes a lot of time. If your proposal is not approved for an issue, feel free to submit a new idea for the next issue.

How to Purchase:

Prazzle issues are available for purchase as soon as they are released.

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