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For this issue, we traveled the world with our mobile devices, inviting young creatives to understand "the essence of their creativity." As a remote team and a self-funded organization, this was difficult but exciting because we knew we were doing the right thing.


Many of us appreciate the aesthetics, but there is more to it than that. These creatives are inspired by their own experiences, things they have seen or witnessed, a cause they want to change in society, their passion, and the joy they hope to bring to everyone, and we hope you see and learn from their stories and culture.


In this issue, we have seven (7) cover stars who represent each facet of creativity, as well as supporting stories from many countries and continents, to offer you an all-around picture of what creativity means to these individuals, regardless of where they come from: This issue features: Canadian Actress/Musician, Bethany Brown; Creative Director Orange Culture, Adebayo Oke-Lawal and Fashion Enthusiast, Tijsumini Olupekan (Nigeria); Grammy Award Winning Producer and DJ, Dwayne Dayal a.ka EchoSlim; Hair and Beauty Creative, Nikiwe Dlova (South Africa); Model, Mariana Vassequi (France); Artists: Ngima Thogo (Kenya), Penieltheartist (Nigeria), Kwesi Botchway (Ghana); Dancer and Reality TV Star, Cashay Proudfoot; Photographers, Michele Eyenga (Cameroon), BuchiFiles (USA), Kitso Kgori (South Africa), Jordevity (USA), Gabriel Bambo (South Africa); Visual Artists: Sarfo Emmanuel and Reginald Boateng (Ghana), and visuals from 15 more young creatives.


Each download/purchase helps us to grow our global team by creating job opportunities within the organization and funding upcoming projects.

The Essence of Creativity (Issue 01 - Print Copy)

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