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Your body, your choice: Do men get to choose?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Photo by @kingsvillevisualsgallery__

This might seem irrelevant, but when you start getting to know someone with the expectation of having a relationship, do you ever ask whether they are pro-life or pro-choice? I’ve never bothered to ask a guy, and I don’t remember any instances where a guy asked me either. What about you?

I have encountered several people who choose whether they’re pro-life or pro-choice depending on the situation they find themselves in. Is it that simple, though? Don’t you just choose a side and stick with it?

Photographed by @thiagoborgesph

In the beginning, this may seem like a trivial issue, and a basic answer will be, "If the time comes, I will try to do what’s right." When you find yourself in a situation where you, as a woman, are not ready to be a parent but the man is vehemently against an abortion, where is the middle ground? Some men go as far as to threaten the longevity of the relationship if the woman decides to go through with the abortion. In this instance, there is clearly no middle ground and one person will have to give in to the other's wants or part ways. There are also instances where men are not ready to be parents but women are. They force abortions on the women and threaten single parenting.

I asked an important question to a group of people: