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You Should Never Leave Home Without these Beauty Essentials.

Every lady has a necessary item she would love to pick along on every outing, but there are some un-negotiable ones we can't do without. There are essentials you have to take along when going out, to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh all day long.

There is almost always an instance when you need to refresh your look. If there is any

gender that is very particular about looks; it is the female gender, and we don't stop at putting in efforts to look good when going out only, but to also maintain the good look all through the day. To achieve a lasting breathtaking look, these are your everywhere essentials when going out. Besides you never know who you might bump into, hence, it is best to be ready with a troop of life savers in your handbag.

Hand sanitizer

Before the existence of Covid, sanitizer has been an essential in every ladies bag. It is a go to when there is no water, wipes or tissue and it comes in handy.

Hand mirror

You might constantly need to check if your makeup and your hair is still in place. With your hand mirror around, you are secured and there is no need to panic.

Wipes or Tissue

Feminine wipes or personal hygiene wipes is of great need to avoid a bathroom catastrophe, plus it helps refresh your nether regions especially on a busy day or hot day.

Water Bottle

When leaving the house, do not forget to have your water bottle with you, it prevents dehydration. It's quite easy when your bottle is attractive and fancy.

Portable charger

To prevent your smartphone from dying unexpectedly and being unable to get important information on the go, you need to have your portable charger at hand.

Lip balm/ Lip gloss

A shinny lips can brighten your day and smile, there are times that your lips will feel either dry, dehydrated, irritated or lackluster. A good hydrating lip balm gives your lips the revival it needs in these moments. An item that cannot be ignored.


Every good look without a nice smell is a No No. That nice smell is the icing that tops your look. A quick fix for an odd odor, is the possession of a small bottle of perfume, deodorant or antiperspirant. It is easy to apply and quickly takes care of such odor.

What other essentials do you take along? You can share with us as we would like to know.



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