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Photo by @darinbelonogova

I would love to say I’ve never been on this table but the joke will be on me! I liked the same person for close to two years. We parted ways occasionally but he was always lingering in the background whenever I leave a relationship. He’d be sweet, attentive and I’ll think, maybe this is it. The moment he realises things are getting heated, he detaches and comes back to offer little bits of him when I seem to be moving on.

You’re probably wondering what getting breadcrumbed means right? I hadn’t even heard about the word till a few days ago. It’s a popular situation most of us find ourselves in too often. It’s demeaning and mostly leaves you feeling drained, unworthy and undeserving of the best kind of love.

Breadcrumbing is basically when someone shows inconsistent displays of interest in a bid to maintain the attention from someone when they have no intention of entering a committed and lasting relationship with this person.