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Yes, I’m sexually empowered. No, I’m not readily available to jump into bed with you.

Photo by @byaprilalexander

"Are you as freaky as the things you write? Can we recreate your latest story? I want you to do that tongue thing the girl did in your story to me. Do you write porn?"

There hasn’t been a single day in the past 2/3 years that a guy who chanced upon my blog failed to ask me any of the questions above or make a sexually disrespectful statement about my work.

Photo by @derrick_o_boateng

Growing up in a typical middle-income Ghanaian home, sex was something I heard about in school. I never saw my parents do anything more than sit beside each other on the couch because they never engaged in a public display of affection. I learned about sex from my peers at school and from movies I used to hide to watch.

It was intriguing and I got hooked on finding the best sexual version of myself right after my first experience and I have not regretted this decision ever since. As human as I am, occasionally I have doubts if the path I’ve taken is the right one. Then I remember that there are several people out there like me – people struggling to be open and honest about their sexuality and owning up to it.