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“Yellow Soul”: Ugandan-Nigerian Singer, Malcolm Rue Takes Us Through His New Album Track by Track

Updated: Jul 3, 2022


Ugandan-based Nigerian musician Malcolm Rue, born Reuben Kingsley hails from Imo State, the eastern part of Nigeria. He began music in 2014 as a writer/ poet and then finally moved to music production and recording. His genre of music is Afrobeats mixed with rap, pop, jazz, and urban fusion.

He blends choir vocals and soulful percussions to drive in his well-written lyrics. He is inspired by the likes of Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, and Da Truth. Malcolm Rue has worked with various Nigerian gospel heavyweights like Protek Illasheva, Judikay, and Ami and international acts like Canton Jones, Dre Murray, and S.O. His recent songs Yakpa and All Day released in 2022 got massive airplay and music reviews call him the breath of fresh air.

Fresh off the release of his 2021 EP, The Feeling Called Grey, Malcolm Rue is again gifting his fans with new music. This time, the Ugandan-based Nigerian singer is looking through his faith for his latest project, Yellow Soul, an album of 12 inspirational tracks. All tracks produced by Egarboi, including guest features Dre Murray, S.O, Protek Illasheva, Canton Jones, J’Dess, Daphne Richardson, Kelar Thrillz, Churemi, Oyije, JohnMarie, and Sandra Okafor, Yellow Soul is one project that seamlessly cuts through various African cultures and languages.


Yellow Soul represents optimism, joy, love, and anticipation for a brighter day,” says Rue.. “Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone, to grow and be the best version of ourselves. This project challenged me in every way because it was more than just the rap, but the music in its entirety.”


Like never before, Malcolm Rue showcases his versatility in blending Afrobeats with different genres of music, a choir appearance to drive it home, accompanied by well-written and uplifting lyrics. It’s an album that opens up with time, as most of the best albums do. Rue walked us through it track-by-track…



Yakpa is a prophetic song about God’s blessings and providence. Technically it was a difficult song, for the first time I had to write in pidgin English and also use violin on an Afrobeat which is quite rare but it turned out awesome. Also got vocals from American gospel heavyweight Canton Jones who did justice to the song.


The day we recorded Jara we knew it was special. From the drums to the sax, and the catchy chorus. Someone said Jara is that song that always sounds familiar and easy to remember. It’s an upbeat record that shows the beauty of African music , Jara means Extra in Nigerian language, it shows God’s extravagance in blessing his people.

“IT’S YOU ft J’Dess”

It’s you is one of the most well written Afropop songs out. From the beat to the chorus and the message. It is a song about loving yourself, accepting your flaws and understanding how unique we all are. A week after I recorded this song, I happened to listen to J’Dess album “Ada,” another well written album. That was when I knew I had to put her on this song, and she did a beautiful job in it.

“NEVER ft Protek Illasheva”

Never is about understanding who you are in Christ, and no better person to have on it than Protek Illasheva. When I wanted to start this project, I was quite unsure, it depended on the outcome of this particular song, being one of the first songs I’m recording and it came out great , a perfect example of Afro Hip Hop.


Yellow soul sums up the whole album. A song about leaving your comfort zone and being the best version of yourself. Overcoming your fears and not letting your vibe and energy die. It’s a motivational easy going song with a beautiful poem to drive it home. I suggest playing early in the morning before you start your day.

“ZION ft Churemi”

It has one of the most beautiful soulful sax I have ever heard. Zion as a word means a place of peace, joy , love and redemption which is exactly what the song is about. Had the pleasure of collaborating with one of the most soulful artists I know, Churemi.


First time I heard “Thank You “ by Oyije, I hit her up and asked her if she is fluent in her dialect and she said yea. Few weeks later, I got the beat that was perfect for her and sent it to her. She loved it and sent me some vocals and the amazing track was done. Which is the beauty of the album. Having different languages and dialects,even if you don’t understand it, you can feel the vibe and the energy.

“ALL DAY ft Protek and Kelar Thrillz”

Talk about a perfect rap song with unmatched energy. Three rap artists on the same track, versatile in different languages. Working with protek and Kelar was amazing because we have known each other for a long while and coming together to work on this song was just phenomenal, rapping from different perspectives.


A song about how indispensable God is in our lives, even money and fame can’t fill that void.

Having a choir do a verse on an Amapiano was beautiful. One of the most thoughtful songs I’ve made, from the choir piece to the rap. Very exceptional.

“BLESSINGS FALL Ft Daphne Richardson”

Blessings fall is one of those unexpected songs and features you wouldn’t expect. A song about God’s daily blessings on us and Canadian soul singer Daphne Richardson really did justice to it.

“HER VIBES ft Dre Murray and ManuelMusic”

Working with Dre Murray is a dream come true. I grew up listening to his music and having him on a song was amazing and also having ManuelMusic is wonderful. Previously worked with ManuelMusic and he is really talented. Her vibe is an appreciation song about our spouses, a constant reminder that they are always loved and admired.

“SUNFLOWER Ft S.O, JohnMarie and Sandra Okafor”

Sunflower was the first song I recorded for the album. Inspired by a poem of mine “sunflower”. It’s a beautiful love song with help from my Ugandan brother JohnMarie, UK artist S.O and a beautiful spoken word by Sandra Okafor . As she ends the album with the most soulful igbo poem we have ever heard in a long time.



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