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We've highlighted 5 of our favorite photographers and their incredible work in honor of World Photog

Many moments are preserved in our cameras and remain evergreen as the world is always changing. Every year on August 19, World Photography Day is celebrated to honor the wonder of cameras and photography. Whether we are expert photographers or not, the camera has become a highly useful and enjoyable tool in our daily lives in the twenty-first century. World Photography Day brings individuals together who have a passion for photography while also raising awareness of the art form around the world. What did you hear about African Photographer? They create really amazing piece. We will be sharing 5 of our favorite photographers and their admirable work.

Photo credit: @trevor_stuurman

Trevor Stuurman - He is a South African award winning contemporary multimedia visual artist. He looks at the world through his artistic lens and finds beauty in things that remind him of home: a place full of color, love, and belonging that symbolizes Africa. Trevor has swiftly solidified himself as a creative force to bereckoned with since bursting onto the creative scene in 2012,snatching the ELLE STYLE correspondent title.