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We absolutely love the popping Colors of Bakwai Bags

Bakwai is a Nigerian contemporary brand that specializes in handmade bags, the brand recently debuted Coy Bag, a high-octane handbag collection. In 2018, the brand launched its beaded handbag collection, the collection featured mini box bags hand-beaded with 8mm plastic beads.

The bags were made available in a variety of colors, including brown, white, black, and red. When it comes to toying with colors, Bakwai is always on point. The latest offering from the brand features a simple design structure with a long leather strap that instantly distinguishes the bag. The magnificent spectrum of leathers utilized in an array of colors and prints, ranging from two-tone reptile prints to eye-catching croc-embossed leathers, adds to its allure.

According to the brand's statement; Bakwai's approach is minimalist and trendy, with a focus on celebrating beauty and strength via colorful bags. The bags are handcrafted in small batches by local artisans in Lagos, Nigeria. The artists use a combination of ancient and modern techniques to create long-lasting stitches and folds. The leather is purchased from local tanneries and cut in such a way that no waste is produced. The brand's key values include great craftsmanship, authenticity, and ethical manufacture. The following are stunning photographs of the new collections that have just been released.



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