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Using Your Partner's Love Language as a Guide to Make them feel Loved this Valentine.

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Do we hear you say Vals day is just at the next door peeping at us? Whether it a big deal to you or not, we love all you lovebirds and want you to have a memorable Vals celebration irrespective of your pocket value.

Here Are Some Ways to Show Your Partner You Care using the 5 Love Languages.

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Using words of Affirmation is one way to show or tell your partner's you love them this period; if your partner is a lover of this love language, you have it then. If you or your partner speak this love language, it simply means you value words that express love, gratitude, and respect. Other ways to show your partner you care outside saying "I love you" include verbally congratulating them when they accomplish something or honestly expressing how you feel about them and the qualities you respect in them.

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Quality Time is another way to win them over this period. This love language implies that you want to spend quality time with your lover, as well as active listening and persistent eye contact. Those that use this love language place a high priority on being in the same physical, emotional, and mental space as their lover. It's all about being actively engaged and present in the moment as a couple, whether that means starting a new Netflix series together or going on a trip together.

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We feel receiving gifts is everyone's love language, because who doesn't like to be pampered with luxury items. Receiving Gifts is another love language that most people embrace so dearly. Despite the fact that the moniker implies someone who is excessively materialistic, those who speak this love language regard gifts as symbols of love. Receiving a present shows that their spouse notices them, cares about them, and values them. It's not so much about the price tag here as it is about the level of thought that went into it. Though you don't have to break the bank to make them feel loved.

Lastly is Physical Touch, meet the Physical Touchers, whose love language is based on physical expressions of affection such as kissing, holding hands, hugging, and, unsurprisingly, sex. The different types of physical touch provide warmth, gratitude, and comfort to individuals who speak this language when it is consensual. Are you unsure if your partner enjoys physical contact? If they were, you'd know. Those who are often want to sit next to you rather than across from you because they want to be physically close to you. The closer you are to them, the better.

If you and your partner discover that you speak different love languages, don't be alarmed; take this as an opportunity to learn how to "speak" one other's language. Not only will this help you better understand one other's needs, but it will also help you grow as a couple. This is our way of wishing you a happy Valentine's Day celebration.


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