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Tope Akintayo, Editor of The Moveee Magazine on Collaboration Amongst Black-owned Media Brands.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The Moveee Magazine Cover art by Matthew Eguavoen

Tope Akintayo, a writer, art and culture reporter, anthologist/curator, and web designer, founded The Moveee to contribute to reports on the creative industry in Africa and the black diaspora.

In an interview with Prazzle, he explains the need for more effective collaboration amongst black-owned media brands so we can represent ours better.

See, if we have double the media platforms we have today, everyone would still thrive because the market is so vast both in terms of the creative population to cover and in terms of possible profit (because, of course, everyone wants to make money). We need to build bridges and collaborate more.”

The Moveee launches the first issue of her print magazine. Conscious Art aims to answer questions about the creative industry through interviews and portfolio spotlights. It questions the role of the creative in a crumbling world and how the creative adapts to the ongoing shifts in culture, tradition, norms, values, and policies in all aspects of society.

Here’s the interview below:

So do you do this work yourself, or have you got a team? If yes, please let us know in detail what qualities make up your team and what keeps you all going.

I have a small team. While I’m editor-in-chief, Basit Jamiu is the literature editor; two editorial assistants work closely with me daily. Then there is a team of 20 writers who contribute to the magazine through the first cohort of our 3-month writing internship.

I’m comfortable with Basit as a literature editor because we’ve worked on several projects together. I am very confident in his judgment and the quality of his work.

The entire team works remotely now, and we are scattered across Africa. One quality that underlies every one of us is the passion for the creative culture and literary industry. That’s about it.

Thanks! Do you have any media planning experience? If yes, how did that impact making your work easier? If not, did you learn it along the line?