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Top 5 Instagram Art Promotion Strategies For Artists

Credit: @ayogu.kingsley

Globally, social media has enabled artists to reach out to new audiences. Instagram has shown to be a particularly effective platform for visual artists to grow their fan base and attract new collectors.

One billion people use Instagram worldwide, with 120 million of those located in the United States, according to Statista. There is a sizable audience there eager to engage with your art. But first, you must figure out how to get there.

We'll provide you with helpful advice in this article so you can start promoting your artwork on Instagram.

For advice on promoting your art gallery on Instagram, continue reading.

Using Instagram to promote your art Instagram offers chances to advertise your artwork and gallery, from oil paintings to photography. It is simple to generate attention-grabbing posts with the platform, then upload them from any location.

But how do you stand out from the crowd when so many works of art are submitted daily? You can begin by being a little more elegant with your posting.

Better done than perfect

Credit: samuraimisfit13 via Pinterest

People that are interested in your art want to witness the creative process. They appreciate the finished, polished product but also understand the work that went into creating it.

Therefore, post it even if you don't think anything is ideal. You are drawing the progress. The leftovers from a shoot. A speed-drawing video or wireframe for a character you're working on.

When you share different facets of your work, you'll be able to connect with your audience better and pique their interest. People enjoy watching the foundations of anything develop into art.

Take advantage of stories

Credit: dinahdixon_artist

Instagram's Stories is another opportunity to demonstrate the creative process to your followers. They are a straightforward concept—short pieces of content that disappear in a day—but they are beneficial.

You may show off sneak peeks of your most recent project or gallery space updates with photo carousels. You can speak directly to your fans in short films that have the air of a casual chat so they can get to know you better.

You may become even more engaging by using features like polls and countdowns. Have a forthcoming event? Give your followers the ability to set a reminder for when it ends, start a countdown timer, and announce it to them.

Work on a video project

Credit: Sharece on Instagram

Video is a potent engagement tool used by more and more individuals. Instagram is a visual platform, so using video is a great fit. Utilize that to promote your gallery.

Let's say your followers could have missed your hour-long Instagram Live session. To make it available to everyone, save it and publish it to IGTV. Speed painting process films are ideal for the Reels feature, which makes it simple to create a brief, TikTok-style videos.

A video post can help a little bit mix up your stream. Post a little time-lapse movie of a character study if you're an animator, and ask others what they think.

Make your feed represent your gallery

Credit: jesswan_art

Create a gallery of your best artwork to display in your feed, sketches, and ongoing projects. Try out several color schemes and pattern combinations to give your page a unified, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Try employing various apps to improve the overall appearance of your feed. For instance, Giant Square enables you to combine numerous squares from your feed into a sizable collage. Unfold offers stunning themes that you can use to create captivating stories and feed posts.

Your feed displays your best work and offers your gallery a polished appearance. Additionally, you can add well-written captions that provide context for your work.

Use hashtags and tags

Credit: The preview app on Pinterest.

Despite their awkwardness, hashtags are still used on social media. When you upload a new work of art to Instagram, consider including pertinent hashtags to help spread the word about your gallery and attract more visitors.

Use hashtags that are appropriate for your artistic endeavors. The algorithm will catch on if you post random images that you believe could be popular but have nothing to do with your brand or the type of art you create, and you might not get as much engagement.



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