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Tongoro Studio Defines Class and Simplicity the African way


Sarah Diouf founded Tongoro in the spring of 2016. The brand, which is made entirely in Africa, was designed and produced in Dakar, Senegal. By sourcing fabrics around the continent and collaborating with local tailors, the brand focuses on understanding the fashion preferences of their customers and providing simple, playful and original attire.


Tongoro is proud of its global accessibility - as the first african fashion label to operate fully as a global e-tailer with guaranteed door-to-door delivery in 5 business days - as well as its contribution to the development of retail production in Western Africa by committing to only sourcing material and manufacturing on the continent.


The label's aesthetic is modern africana, with exquisite silhouettes expertly cut, monochromatically ageless color palettes, and re-worked historical designs. The target demographic is modern, and they've developed a cult following throughout the world by meeting a growing need for fashionable goods at this price point.


The Tongoro Studio line is for the person who is stylish, enjoys dressing comfortably, and wants to make a statement. It's edgy while being elegant. The brand's long-term purpose is to restore African-based manufacturing while also boosting artisanal workers' economic and social growth in Western Africa.

Since its introduction, Tongoro has earned international acclaim from artists such as Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, IMAN, and Burna Boy, and has been named one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies for the year 2020.



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