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"There’s always someone willing to help" S.A rising female photographer, Kitso Kgori.

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

More female talents are beginning to dominate the creative scene and we are totally here for it. South African female photographer, Kitso Kgori was Born in Pretoria and raised in Mafikeng North West by a single mother. Growing up in a single-parent household and seeing the strength of her mother has greatly influenced her photography, as she uses her passion for capturing photos in celebrating women of colour.

Here's what she had to say about her love for photography.

Photography is a time machine, capturing precious slices of time that can be relived again and again in my mind and with others.

While I studied Architectural Technology in Cape Town for 5 years, I found my true passion for photography through architectural elements— in my last year of that study. My transition was taken seriously by mother who is my number one cheerleader. She is truly supportive of my career change, not that it came to her as a surprise because I work in front of the camera often as a model.

My photography predominantly features African women from all over the continent. I have a natural, high contrast aesthetic. My photography is a work of art that deserves to be hung on a wall!

I started working with women of colour at the beginning of my photography career because I have always found myself in male-dominant industries—architecture and photography. I wanted to represent us in a way we can be treated like the queens that we are! My best shoot so far has to be for Oath Volume II magazine.. but I can’t say much about it, for now.

As a photographer, I can not do without extra camera batteries, an extra SD card and a light modifier. Currently, Pasquale Autorino is my favourite photographer As regards the brands I would love to work with, in the near future, I actually don't have any brand in mind but all I know is that I want to work with brands from across the continent.

I’m looking more into west African clothing brands which have a vibrant and interesting history to match its bright and bold textiles. In the net five years, I see myself all over the world, mainly traveling all over Africa.

My advice to emerging photographers who are equally talented is to reach out for help; Start networking; and surround themselves with people that might assist you. Call photography schools or email them to recommend something. There’s always someone willing to help.



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