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The Wondrous and Utterly Unique Photography Universe of Pol Kurucz

The Normals, Photography by Pol Kurucz

French photographer Pol Kurucz is known for creating avant-garde photographs that are vivid, surrealist, and controversial in their views on society.

The photographer was born in the Hungarian city of Budapest, but he spent most of his boyhood in Paris. "Pol Kurucz had two separate names when he was born in a hospital in Hungary. His mother was French, and his father was Hungarian. His hyperactivity as a child was addressed with theater. At the age of 27, he was working as a manager during the day and a stage director at night. After that, he traveled rapidly to Bahrain and Brazil, stopping at corporate islands and favelas. 

Fashion stories: Photography and Art direction by Pol Kurucz. Credit: Inspiration Grid Pinterest.

He has sailed up to the shores of the adult entertainment sector and militant feminism, creating a mainstream bar that makes money by losing money in the basement of its independent art scene. Then, unexpectedly, he succumbed to his folly and ended that part of him. In 2015, Pol underwent a rebirth, during which he combined his two names and the conflicting lives he had led into a single existence "where absurdity makes reason."