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The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Signature Fragrance


In an ideal world, a signature scent acts as a unique scent memory for beloved friends and family members, it is one scent by which other people recognize you. Not only this, but also a scent that works best with you and your body chemistry. This perfume boost your mood, makes your day better, and occasionally garners you a compliment or two. Furthermore, it can also help define who you are as an individual, project your personality, and reflect your perfume taste.

Everyone knows the second thing that makes an impression after the way you are dressed is how you smell and choosing the right signature scent to invest in, from the millions of perfumes available today in stores is usually a tough challenge. Signature scents are more than pretty; they’re your calling card to everyone you meet and comfort for everyone you love. Finding yours is our goal today and below is an easy guide.

Know the Fragrance Families - One of the best ways to understand what you are smelling is to familiarise yourself with the fragrance wheel.

Fragrance Wheel Categories


The fragrance wheel splits each type of scent into one of four categories: