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The Ultimate Body Piercing Guide: Types, What to Expect and After-care


Do you know that permanent tattoos and piercings have been around for literally thousands of years? Body art has long been a determining factor in the aesthetic of many different demographics across continents, spanning times, cultures, and people. Indeed, the oldest mummified body with a piercing on record was over 5000 years old. Body art was previously considered a taboo or otherwise unsightly aspect of culture reserved for vagrants and vagabonds, or people with no cultural value. Unfortunately, for many years, many parts of the modern world held this viewpoint.


Fortunately, media and culture evolve over time, and people are beginning to recognize the appeal and dedication required to adorn themselves with permanent art. Some piercings have profound meanings ranging from spiritual and religious to personal, while others are merely fashionable. Overall, there is no doubt that body piercings exist for a variety of reasons. The most common types of body piercings are ear and septum piercings.

It is good to know that professional piercers take their craft seriously. Customers' health, safety, and comfort are important not only for piercers, but also for the businesses in which they operate for reasons other than reputation. If the placement of many piercings is incorrect, it can cause a great deal of discomfort for a long time. Because most piercers have numerous piercings, they are a valuable resource for what you can expect from your experience, not just what you learned through piercing. If you are considering having numerous body piercings, below are different types of piercings worth knowing;

The Genital Piercing


While it may be odd to explain this type of piercing, many people choose to pierce their genitals for reasons best known to them, most often to demonstrate their pain tolerance or to stand out from the crowd. People have used genital piercings as a cultural rite of passage into adulthood because being able to deal with the pain of the piercing itself is similar to the changes that we go through after puberty into adulthood.

Oral Piercing


Tongue piercings have always been popular, especially among women in recent years. Unless you count lip rings, fewer men have had oral piercings in general. Oral piercings of all kinds are seeing a resurgence today among a new demographic of people who don't necessarily want to show off their piercing 24/7, but rather have something much more personal.

The Nose


The nose is a good place to start if you want something more "in your face" in terms of body piercing. One of the most popular methods is septum piercing, which involves piercing the center of the nose, similar to a bull ring. You can also have just one piercing in one nostril, or both, for a more distinctive appearance. The applications are nearly limitless and always fun to experiment with.

Ear Piercings


We're all probably aware of how many people have their ears pierced all over the world, across genders and cultures. Many African girls have their ears pierced as soon as they are born, and for many, it is their first and only piercing. Just because it's common doesn't mean your ears don't have interesting aesthetic body art applications. In fact, because most jewelry is designed to be worn on or around the ears, you'll find an even wider selection when you look.