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The Topnuch Shop is changing the way the world views Black-owned businesses

Updated: Jun 8, 2022


“It is our job now to support our brothers and sisters by patronizing and supporting Black-owned businesses worldwide.”

We can all agree that Black-owned businesses are not just a trend but in fact a lifestyle. Starting from the roots, entrepreneurship took form way before we were even ready to acknowledge it.

From the era of our forefathers making profitable trades and selling produce in the markets, passed down to our modern-day business owners, building empires with the help of technology; The entrepreneurship spirit has been in our blood from the very beginning.


In addition to being business savvy, we have proven to be resilient, as recent studies have shown that over the past two years there has been a peak in Black owned businesses/entrepreneurs; despite the constant oppression, culture theft and misappropriation.

This coincides with the height of the Black Lives Matter movement which sparked a global awareness for racial injustice and shone a light on the undeniable racial wealth gap. With this additional new wave of career builders, we are moving forward to a space of re-building generational wealth, taking ownership of our artistic appropriation and creating jobs within our community.


This is the message The TopNuch Shop was built to share. Powered by The TopNuch, The TopNuch Shop is all about creating an artistic directed platform to showcase exclusively Black owned businesses; aiming to help normalize patronizing and normalizing Black-owned brands.

They focus on displaying a luxury presence using Black founders and entrepreneurs, artists and talent while breaking the stereotypes.


This year, they teamed up with photographer Jules from “Jules shot this”, putting together a mood of luxury feels displaying brands that we love.

“The Black dollar is powerful and we can truly make the changes we seek if we simply create a black owned lifestyle.” - Dew Prince

Discover the entire team here and shop the look.



Organizer: @thetopnuchshop Direction: @thetopnuch Photographer: @jules.shot.this Model: @el.adorado Attire: @twentyfiveparis Shoes: @maisonmiguu Watch: @watchgawdz Rings and bracelet: @dear_katiopae Scarf: @lapetitetoucheglamour Candles: @bymissr Table wear: @madamedelamaison Candle holder : @dear_katiopae Cake art: @englishdreamcake Vase: @sandra_githinji

Great Support from: @afropolitainmagazine and @mister_antoine_ WITH @mybeautifulafrica_



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