The Story Of The 3rd Culture Kid

Updated: May 8, 2021

The story of 3rd culture kid is a collection from the clothing brand masamara which is owned by one of Africa's finest Youth Amza Niyonzima also known as Eli Gold or Eli Niyonzima. The masamara clothing line is known for combining African and Modern/Urban/Western styles, materials and concept to make beautiful wears.

Culture Kid based on Amza Niyonzima's words "Our roots may

not be deep, but they are wild and strong: Having spent many years away from my home culture and never truly fitting in with my host culture, echoes the feeling of both belonging nowhere and everywhere. But this does not mean that I am astray" seems personal to him since he moved from place to place. Amza Niyonzima is originally from Rwanda but moved to South Africa.

One of the unique things about this collection is the diversity which Masamara never lacks. Blending different culture to one beautiful urban wear, this signifies the beauty of the African culture and it's relevance even in modern day. It also represents the unity and bond of the African culture.

The collection ranges from hoodies, to caftans, kimonos, off-shoulders, Jump suits, wrap round dresses, 2-piece wears amongst others. Story Of 3rd culture kid collection of the masamara clothing brand is a universal collection in that it consists of cooperate, casual and even holiday wears.

Designer and story teller: Nyambo/Masa Mara

Directed, filmed and edited by Paige Fiddes

Drone footage by Aaron Polikoff

Written by Kirsten Jurgens & Nyambo

Translated by Nathan Kabarankuru

Assisted by Michael O' Kennedy

Models: Dylan Bell, Megan Witte, Nkosazana Sibobosi, Chad Esau, Lilian Loth, Frema Mensah, Pivot Aurel, Yonela Sonjica, Derrick Aaron, Nyambo