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The Slum Studio, A Brand Regenerating Clothing Waste into Hand-painted Pieces


The Slum Studio is a multifaceted brand, a platform and creative community based in Ghana interested in the politics of clothing and wear. The brand is founded by Sel Kofiga a Ghanaian visual artist and colorist. He's a talented artist who questions subjects of societal, cultural and religious indifferences through abstractionism and contemporary expressions.


The brand uses wear to retell stories of redistribution of used garments through art and photodocumentary. Also inspired by market spaces, the brand makes hand painted unisex apparels from textile waste using curated colours, forms, objects and imagery. These apparel are upcycled from discarded second hand clothing waste and textile off cuts exported in Ghana.


The Slum Studio, aims at fusing art and fashion to play off in a healthy creative relationship with one another; taking references from rich and well documented practices in different cultures. The studio is fascinated by clothing as a second skin, shelter and an essential tool for bringing realism to creativity and production.


The regenerative concept used by the brand, means a sustainable contribution and changes in garment processing and production motivated by a desire to upcycle and employ more biodegradable materials to strengthen a circular economy. By doing this, The Slum Studio embrace an entirely new approach to presenting a genuine understanding of art that is centered on conceptual innovation.

The Slum Studio is a brand that can boast of a production that represents conscious efforts by a responsible supply chain run through some of the most effective and efficient ways possible. This includes adequate research work and activities which cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics needed to coordinate these activities.


In respect to collections produced by the brand designer, colour is a firsthand inspiration to him as colour is firstly picked and further designs and concept are built on it. The Slum Studio is on a mission not only to produce bright and colorful apparel but also to experiment, document the process and tell a story.



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