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The One-Brushstroke Wonder: Meet David Ambarzumjan Who Creates Serene Landscapes in a brushstroke

In David Ambarzumjan's paintings, landscapes appear briefly amid pitch-black areas. 

David Ambarzumjan is a painter hailing from Wolgast, Germany, and currently residing in Munich, he is renowned for his art that seamlessly merges abstract and surrealistic elements to express his profound appreciation for nature's intricate beauty and unpredictability. His artwork is displayed in exhibitions and private collections worldwide.

Photo: Courtesy of artist’s Instagram

Brushstrokes in Time

One of his most notable art series, "Brushstrokes in Time," showcases his unique talent for combining the past, present, and future, creating a striking juxtaposition of what was, what is, and what may be. Through these oil paintings, Ambarzumjan explores the complex relationship between humanity and the nature of space and time.

As he continued to work on the series, “Brushstrokes in Time,” the painter was filled with excitement and inspiration for his work as he knew that this collection was something special, that would captivate and inspire people for years to come.

Brushstrokes in time: Courtesy of Artists’ Instagram account.

With each new painting, David pushed himself further, experimenting with bold new ideas and techniques. One of the most striking features of his work was the way he united two distinct images with a massive, sweeping brushstroke. It was as though he was bringing two worlds together, fusing them into one.

In some of the paintings, the artist explored the connections between the past and the present. He drew on historical imagery, juxtaposing it with contemporary scenes to create a powerful sense of continuity and change.

His other works

Photo: Courtesy of the artist(Instagram)

In other pieces, he contrasted the natural beauty of Earth with the vastness of deep space. The paintings had a black, starry background that gave the vibrant brushstrokes a stunning, otherworldly quality. These broad strokes, painted in the form of undulating or arching gestures, seemed to hold entire worlds within them.

Despite the complexity of the images he created, David managed to maintain a remarkable sense of unity and coherence. Each stroke was carefully placed, each color carefully chosen to create a single, solid brushstroke that contained everything from serene green meadows to icy mountaintops.

As he worked on his series, he knew that the work he did would be a work of art many people will be able to relate with. And with each new painting he created, he knew that he was advancing the art form, pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

David Ambarzumjan’s Technique

Photo: Courtesy of the artist’s Instagram account.

David’s approach is simple, but the execution required utmost care and attention to detail. He had to ensure that the painting was convincingly trapped inside the border as if it was bursting out of the confines of the frame.

He started with a dark background, a canvas of nothingness that would serve as a stark contrast to the bursts of color and life that he was about to create. With each brush stroke, he carefully layered colors and shapes, delicately blending them to create a seamless transition between each element.

He meticulously worked on the painting and took great care to ensure that each detail was perfect, with each curve and line in its rightful place. 

And eventually, his work was finished. The bursts of color and life on the dark background were reminders that all of Earth's beautiful nature originated from outer space. It was a reminder of the beauty and wonder that surrounded us, even in the darkest of times. 

David Ambarzumjan's works are truly something of joy and wonder to all who gaze upon them. You may buy prints of Ambarzumjan's work from his online shop, and you can keep up with him by following him on Instagram.



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