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The Most Luxurious Eco-Lodge in Rwanda - Bisate Wilderness Safari Lodge


The word bisate means ‘pieces’ in Kinyarwanda, describing how the cone was once whole but worn away by natural erosion.This is one of the most thrilling safari destinations in Africa, slated onthe edge of Volcanoes National Park in northwest Rwanda. Bisate Lodge is located in the midst of an amphitheater, and it has a very stunning natural environment.


Six conically formed thatched forest homes with big verandas giving out onto wonderful views of the surrounding peaks are hidden into the lush forest backdrop. The suites' traditional designs pay homage to Rwandan culture, while the luxurious interiors maximize comfort and warmth while making use of the breathtaking vistas. Each 91 square meter villa has a big yet intimate mix of a bedroom, reception space, and bathroom, all warmed by a central fireplace and with stunning views out onto your private deck towards Mount Bisok.


The stunning guest areas have floor-to-ceiling windows through which you may gaze at the world outside while enjoying a refreshing drink at the elegant bar or the contemporary wine cellar, which blends the old with the modern. Enjoy healthful farm-to-table dishes with wild honey, avocado, climbing beans, mango, kale, papaya, plantain, passion fruit, pineapple, macadamia nuts, and chilies, which combine traditional Rwandan flavors with current world cuisine. The onsite kitchen garden supplies fresh produce. Rwandan coffee is considered a highlight by many.

Bisate is within easy driving distance of Park Headquarters, from where gorilla treks depart daily. Its vision of reforestation and rehabilitation means that each guest is invited to participate in our biodiversity conservation efforts, as well as engage and meet the local community, in addition to learning about and making a far-reaching positive impact on an iconic Critically Endangered species: the mountain gorilla. Traditional village visits, golden monkey sightings, birding, and tours to areas of interest like Lakes Ruhondo and Burera, the Musanze Caves, and Dian Fossey's burial are among the activities available in this destination. The experience at Bisate is a gorilla adventurous one worth reliving as the highlight of this destination, is the Gorilla-trekking.



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