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The Indigo Series: Brazilian Artist, Thiago Brutto Imagines His Ancestral Experience Through AI


Brazilian Artist @brittothiago Brutto Imagines His Ancestral Experience Using AI. Thiago has been active in the visual arts for 16 years and is now delving into research on African Ancestral Technology and Experience through Artificial Intelligence.

Thiago's photography has long been linked to music and botany studies, as well as documentaries centered on these subjects. He is currently working on a book about his travels through Latin America, as well as developing AI research centered on African Ancestry.

"The initial idea was to use the tool as a support for creating storyboards, giving visualization to what comes from my imagination. Creating sequential aesthetics and ambiences, with characters, details, settings and actions within a single world."


The Indigos series circulates the idea of an African tribe autonomously coming to tropical lands and finding natural technologies to maintain their culture, spirituality, clothing and commerce.

In this series I bring Waji, a mixture of minerals that brings the blue tone, widely used in Candomblé and the extraction of Anis which also has a bluish tone with several functions in addition to fabric dyeing.

Initially, Thiago's research on creating photography using AI was based on the curiosity to reveal images that came to his my mind, mainly about an ancestral experience. He also wanted

to practice describing his imagination in words and from that create storyboards and scenes with sequential aesthetics.

"The project center on the possibility of imagining a tropical land being built through the autonomy of Africans, both in the arrival and in the maintenance of their own culture.

Asking the questions "would we be today?"

According to Thiago, this project imagined the mix between ancestral technology on the wisdom of plants and their secrets, as well as indigenous people originating from this land. Imagining this encounter removed him enabled him reflect on what his ancestor were and what diverted him from them on this path as he imagines he is just like them.

"Digital photographs work like a still production of a film, bringing actions, props and compositions to immerse the viewer in the ancestral imaginary world."

He says, an important thing within this is to understand that what is actually alive inside these digital photographs is just our imagination. It does not compare with the collision of the photographic act and reality itself. Photography goes beyond that.

I think it's important to know how to enter, exit and, above all, understand how to be able to change technology.

I try to create a descriptive code that always takes me to the same scenario and I can only change the actions and characters of each character.

The most interesting thing, as a photographer, is being able to apply camera settings, ISO, lens variations and angles within each film. An interesting tool to create storyboards and mood boards for projects.



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