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The "Gender Bender”, whose photography defies established gender definitions, Racheal Seidu


This week on #TheSpotlight, we speak with Racheal Seidu, a young female photographer from Nigeria.

We are always on the lookout for new talent, and one of her viral photographs, a campaign for clothing business Prayers and Plans, piqued our interest. Of course, if you follow us on Instagram, you've probably seen Racheal's visual art featured on our page.

Her visuals have a distinc aesthetic, as she experiments with shadow and light and includes old photography techniques. She communicates stories through her images, which depict what she observes in her immediate surroundings. The most significant message from Racheal's work of art is to make the viewers feel “Present”.

“With my work, I want you to feel like you were present when I took the image. Presence is the important message.“

Racheal, dubbed "Gender Bender" by friends, is one of the ladies who isn't afraid to enter into a male-dominated sector, and we are always delighted to talk with young people like her.

Here’s how our chat went: