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The 7 Biggest Rivers in Africa We Bet You Didn’t Know About.

According to legend, life begins where the river flows. Rivers provide freshwater, food, and transportation to millions of people. Africa is one of the continents that is abundantly gifted with rivers running across it. In Africa, there are seven significant rivers.

These rivers help to spread life and, civilisation. Millions of African creatures would perish if these rivers did not exist. The majority of them rely on water to thrive. Water resources are plentiful in Africa. As a result, Africa is dotted with gorgeous lakes and infinite rivers. There are 63 river basins that cross international borders. The basins in question accounted for 64% of Africa's total land area.

These seven big rivers, however, are notable.

River Zambezi - It is home to the well-known Victoria Falls, yet it pales in comparison to Niger. It's a lot shorter. Despite this, it is the continent's greatest river, flowing directly into the Indian Ocean. It is a major supply of water for African countries. Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, and Angola all rely significantly on the Zambezi River's water.