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Thandiwe Muriu shows the beauty of African Prints in Creative Visuals.


Photography comes with creativity and we love to see Intriguing ones and concepts different from the norms. We take you on a creative photography journey to Nairobi, Kenya with all shades of colour and patterns from self-taught visual artist, Thandiwe Muriu.

Thandiwe Muriu Teaches Photography

Thandiwe Muriu is a Kenyan photographer who grew up in Nairobi. She celebrates Africa's diverse culture, fabrics, and aesthetic standards. She uses the rich colors and vibrancy of the continent to honor her African roots while also addressing significant problems like identity and self-perception.

Through her photography skill, she explores who she is not only as an artist but also as a black woman.

Thandiwe uses accessories inspired by the objects Kenyans interact with in their everyday life to bring her inspirations to life; where one object can have multiple uses beyond its original purpose. Because she is passionate about the rich history of traditional and architectural hairstyles that are being forgotten, she draw inspiration from this and translate it into modern forms, infusing it into her work. This serves as a means of informing future generations about the past.


Another significant aspect of Muriu's work is how she photographs subjects in striking, intricately patterned fabrics that often resemble the traditional textiles of various African countries and cultures.


Muriu produces hypnotizing illusions by employing the same colorful pattern to backdrop the subjects. She has been recognized for her distinctive photos and received the 2020 People's Choice Award for Emerging Photographer of the Year at Photo London. Muriu reinterprets current African portraiture using a unique approach to take us on a colorful journey through her world as a modern African woman.



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