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T-post® - The World’s First Wearable Magazine.

Creativity at it's peak!

Who could have ever thought there would be anything such as a wearable Magazine.

T-post® is a brand with a unique concept, attractive designs, and a well-known reputation as the world's first wearable magazine.

Founded by Peter Lundgren in 2004, the T-post® brand represents a unique combination of fashion and journalism. The Swedish brand also produces eco-friendly and ethical cut and sew clothing in Portugal using 100% cotton.

It's also a clothing company with a creative narrative behind it, where t-shirt and magazine is being merged into one. It is important to turn the shirt inside out; the most fascinating element, the actual magazine, may be found on the back, inside the t-shirt. One of the best things about owning a T-post® shirt is that you will never run into someone who is dressed similarly to you.

The T-post® concept began by providing the first shirts to five subscribers, all of whom were members of its employees. T-post® has also had the honor of collaborating with a number of well-known businesses, designers, and artists. Over 1438 people in 52 countries have signed up for the brand and it's also worth noting that you can't buy any shirt from T-post® unless you're a subscriber.

Go to the T-Post® official website to discover more about the brand and to sign up for a subscription. Subscribers receive an exclusive t-shirt every month for 35 euros, with free global shipping. You'll also have unique access to the Subscriber Shop, where you may get a 30% discount on all previous shirts as a subscriber.



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