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Stretch Marks are Beautiful! But Here are 5 Ways to Prevent them


Stretch Marks are inevitable, and are 100 percent normal. They are found on virtually all adults at some point. Stretch mark is a type of scar that is formed when your skin stretches too quickly, and they usually appear around puberty, pregnancy, or rapid weight fluctuations. They’re popularly called tiger stripes, warrior marks and all sorts of self-affirming names. However, not many are pleased with having stretch marks and if you fall into this category, then how to prevent stretch marks is something you may have wondered about. As much as we say stretch marks are inevitable, they are actually preventable. Even if you’re at risk of having them, there are ways to prevent their occurrence. Your best bet is to keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized at all times so it can maintain/improve its natural elasticity. Here’re effective tips on how to prevent stretch marks and also keep your skin supple.

Be in control of your weight

The major cause of stretch marks is the sudden stretching of your skin due to rapid weight gain/loss. A good workout routine will help manage your weight. Exercises have been proven to keep a person’s weight in check and now it’s good to know they ultimately help prevent stretch marks. There are several factors that could cause rapid weight gain like thyroid malfunctions so if after frequent exercise and eating healthy you find you’re still gaining weight uncontrollably, see a doctor to rule out any health issues. Controlling your body from changing rapidly is a sure way of preventing the tiger stripes from creeping up on you.

Complement your diet with supplements

Sometimes our meals are not enough to meet our body’s daily requirements of vitamins and minerals and that’s why supplements are recommended. Vitamin D, E, and C supplements are primarily needed by the body as they help to regulate the growth of new skin cells, work as antioxidants to fight free radicals released in the body when the skin is exposed to the sun, and produce elastin and collagen. These ultimately help improve skin elasticity, holding in moisture, and stretch marks are held at bay.

Use sugar, topically

Sugar is a humectant and as such preserves moisture in the skin especially when used as a scrub. It is not harsh on the skin as compared to its other counterpart (Salt). Sugar is also a source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which rejuvenates the skin, making you look younger. Massage in a circular motion until the sugar is absorbed into your skin. Repeating this process regularly has been found to reduce the chances of getting those tiger stripes and aid blood circulation.

Topical creams

There has been uncertainty hovering around stretch marks creams but researchers have found that stretch mark creams containing Centella certainly prevents stretch marks. They also help lighten scars if tiger stripes are already present. It’s advised to consult your dermatologist for prescription or to confirm the safety of any product you wish to apply on your skin because some products could cause more harm than good.

Argan oil

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and is 100% natural, making it very safe. Studies have shown that using Argan Oil has helped increase skin elasticity. It has also been proven that argan oil not only prevents stretch marks but also fades out already existing ones because of its high fatty acids content. Whether consumed or applied topically, argan oil is safe to use long-term.

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