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Stacey Ravvero The Female artist Closing the gender gap in the Industry

Framing her, 2021

Stacey Ravvero, an interdisciplinary female artist from Nigeria who examines art from her a unique perspective. She is also known as a curator, and writer who has a passion for closing the gender gap in the industry.


In 2021, she published her book “She Ate the Sun” whigh is a collection of poems she describing her hilarious yet emotional journey through life, love, art, and womanhood.

Metal' 2022

Stacey Ravvero is now a worldwide phenomenon thanks to her art, which has been showcased in Lagos, Nigeria; London, the United Kingdom; Chambéry, France; Tennessee and New York, the United States; Dakar, Senegal; Accra, Ghana; and Nairobi, Kenya. Additionally, her work has been examined and published in research initiatives at the University of Lagos in Nigeria and the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands.

Ravvero's global presence exemplifies the current growth of the Nigerian art scene both domestically and abroad. Despite the apparent gender disparity in recognition, Nigerian women have continued to produce exceptional work, changing the style and feel of the business.

Stacey Ravvero

“I am interested in producing art that appeals to a wide range of people and crosses cultural barriers while remaining current throughout time. By including creative content that challenges society's excesses and perhaps increases consciousness to encourage change, art, in my opinion, goes beyond its intrinsic value and can help to create a more progressive world for our generation. I intend to educate the spectator and involve them in an idea that emerges from the synthesis of the styles I have created over my body of work and the fresh directions I want to pursue.” Stacey Okparavero says.

Ink on paper 2020.

Throughout her undergraduate studies at the University of Lagos, Stacey Okparavero had numerous chances to pursue her desire to showcase the best possible artistic ability. Additionally, she developed her curatorial and marketing skills as well as her understanding of the functioning of the international art market during her graduate studies in the history and business of the contemporary art market at the University of Warwick in the UK and Institut d'Etudes Superieure des Arts in Paris. She was able to interact with other artists and get a greater grasp of artistic practice across several media while working with the African Artists Foundation (AAF) Gallery in Lagos.

Breathe series" Ink & Gold pigment on paper. 2020.

As Stacey collaborated or interacted with colleagues and well-known modern Nigerian artists like Bruce Onobrakpeya, her mentor and the artist she currently works with, her abilities and capacity to develop ideas significantly improved. As she rigorously investigates the materials and pushes the limits and potentials of the processes through research and experimentation, Bruce Onobrakpeya's aesthetic has had some influence on her most recent work. Sam Ovraiti, Tola Wewe, Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearse, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Sokari Douglas Camp, and George Oshodi are a few other notable artists.

Acrylic on canvas by Stacey Ravvero

Stacey intentionally uses various materials in her art as she looks for the most effective way to convey her views. She uses a variety of media and forms in her work, such as watercolor, blastocyst, ivorex, and performance art. This is meant to captivate and entice the audience to observe novel, surprising thought cycles and give them the chance to question their views, assumptions, and beliefs.

According to the artist, there is still no better medium for expressing thoughts and emotions than art. Her work confronts social, political, and emotional themes, but she has no big illusions that art will transform the world. Throughout history, art has helped shape communities, civilizations, and traditions.



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