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Paola Mathé Showcases the Beauty of Traditional Headwraps

A photo of Paola Mathé

The traditional African headwrap is much more than a fabric to cover the head; it is a beautiful and symbolic expression of identity and style. The gloriously woven head wraps are an undeniable statement of African culture and celebration, but they were once associated with slavery and colonialism before becoming an iconic fashion statement according to sikaa

Known for her bold style and creative visions, Paola Mathe is one of such fashionistas who has revolutionised the way women view and wear headwraps. According to her, the headwrap is a very powerful accessory that promotes strength, power and culture.

In 2014, Paola established the fashion label Fanm Djanm, which translates to "Strong Woman" in Haitian Creole. It features a collection of exquisite headwraps, clothing, and accessories that celebrates the diversity and power of women around the world. There are many sides to Paola Mathe asides her business. She is also a lifestyle blogger, an entrepreneur, a writer, and a photographer.

Born in Petion-Ville, Haiti; she grew up between her homeland and Newark, New Jersey, places that presented a jarring dichotomy between privilege and discomfort, familiarity and chaos. Her life is filled with dimensionality, from her rich, colorful photographs to her growth into a confident woman.

The Azalea and Carnation Headwrap

Paola’s unwavering and defiant sense of style is just one of the few things that make her endearing. Her vibrant, flawless, bold and incredible style, as well as her unique signature headwrap looks, are all the qualities this style influencer needs to continue to capture and inspire generations of young black women to embrace their culture and wear whatever they choose to wear boldly.


Headwraps from Fanm djanm

Paola regularly touches on the proud Haitian heritage that initiated her love affair with color and delivered a Tedx Talk aptly named “Sharing My Colors With the World” at her alma mater Drew University.  Those colors have indeed gone global and accented editorial covers featuring Ciara, Teyana Taylor,  and supermodel Halima Aden.  

Paola Mathé on the 'Gimme S'more' Twisted Headband

Paola allows color to speak for her, as it expreses the energy she radiates. She has been featured in several reputable online and print publications such as The New York Times, Teen Vogue, NY Magazine/The Cut, Oxygen, Cup of Jo, Harper’s Bazaar, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Design Sponge, and Essence.



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