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REVout, the first ever fashion zine from Sudan - THE INSIDE STORY OF CREATIVE SUDAN.


Fashion Scout, London, collaborates with EUNIC, Goethe-Institut Sudan, and a Kenyan creative team on the publication of Sudan's first fashion zine, which tells an insider's story of Sudan's creative community.

According to Fashion Scout, REVout is not only a fashion feature but a great representation of hopes, perseverance, and the beautiful diversity of Sudan by taking the reader on an engaging journey through the country’s energy, designs, and the resilience of its people.

"It has been a truly immersive project as we developed and worked on the concept - creating a digital zine that is shared and easily to an international audience was the best way to tell the designers stories as well as express Sudanese fledgling creativity."

Showcasing 11 bustling emerging designers working and creating in Sudan despite facing daily political and economic challenges, REVout is the culmination of cross-cultural collaborations between writers, illustrators and creative teams from London and Khartoum. Fashion Scout provides the perfect platform for collaboration with its status as a leading international consultancy nurturing, empowering and showcasing the future of fashion.

Basketball Court

The concept was inspired by the desire to celebrate the progress of the “Moda Fashion Connects” project, that the designers have made and to drive global recognition of the Sudanese fashion and arts scenes, despite the challenges the country has been facing in the last 4 years.

Implemented by the Goethe - Institut Sudan and under the umbrella of EUNIC cluster Sudan and funded by the European Union in Sudan, Moda Fashion Connects, is a capacity building and developmental programme in Sudan for local emerging fashion talent. It aims to provide a platform to strengthen the fashion educational system through tutoring and collaborations with regional and global channels paving the way for the creation of a new standalone economic sector.

This collaboration with international fashion platforms has resulted in 13 workshops that saw the participation of 116 designers, illustrators, and fashion specialists while their online discussion platform “Moda Talk” has created momentum and engagement on social media enabling the programme to focus on its own tutoring curriculum for the future. Moda Fashion Connects has succeeded in shaping a community of fashion talent with big aspirations for a promising future.

The REVout Zine creative team, guided by Mrs. Ann McCreath and Harry Thane, brought to light new talent: designers presenting their first ever collections, models starting out their modelling careers, stylists, hair and make-up artists being published for the first time. This magazine represents new beginnings, new futures and celebrates Sudanese creativity.

The Sudanese believe that there is no alternative to reaching their goals but through peace. And thus, the magazine uncovers not only the fashion and lifestyle, but the hopes, perseverance, and the beautiful diversity of the country by taking the reader on an engaging journey through the country’s energy, designs, and the resilience of its people.

See more photos from the project below:

Tuti Island





Project Manager: Randa Hamid

Project Coordinator: Samah Araki

Project Assistant: Dawa Jomaa dawa.jumaa

Vision Videography: Brahim Ahmed, Snoopy Camera Assistant: Islam Bushra

Writer & Journalist: Mamoun Eltlib


Editors in Chief: Billie and Martyn Roberts @fashionscout Features Editor: Hellen Jennings @nataalmedia

Karen Ching: Sub-Editor

Graphic Design: Rebecca Thomas @beckyismyname_design

Illustrator: Joanna Layla @joannalayla


Director & Photographer: Harrison Thane @harrison.thane

Producer: Christine-Ann McCreath @annmccreath

Styling & Hair: Duha Mohammed @du_mohammed

Makeup: Salma Alsayad @salomisayaad and Alia Alamin @alia_a.amin


Kholoud Hassan: @kholoud_h.01

Rima Galander: @rima.gala

Rahma Obeid: @rahma.obeid

Mohammed Mubarak Saeed @mvhsko

Lazarus and Lija: @kush_spirit_modelling_agency_


Abdeen: @abdeen_garment Dikko: @dikkofashion7

House of Randa: @house.of.randa Peter and Black: @peterandblack Rhipheus: @rhipheus22

SA BA: @saba4.040 Saroura: @saroura_fashion Solara: @solara_fashion Vibe: @v_ibe_1

Zeena: @zeena.craft Zingran: @zingran_sudan


Picidae Woodcrafts: @picidaewoodcrafts Kuku Jewellery: @kukujewellery



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