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Painting, Safety, and Health Hazards: 3 Ways to Keep Your Studio Safe


If you work as an artist, you probably spend all your time in your studio. It comes with the territory as a creative: you spend most of your life creating, and your works make life a better place for you to be in. Most of your earthly possessions are covered with blotches of paint, pencil marks, or any of those things that come with your career. And as you already know, these things are made with many hazardous chemicals that make them unhealthy for human contact. But you sit and eat with them, day in and day out, setting yourself up for illnesses and exposing your health to hazards that could be life-threatening.

How do you practice safety while doing what you love the most without being much of a bother to you? Here are tips to remember the next time you’re at the doctor as a result of another bout of infection:

Disregard the myth that creatives have to be fucked up to create mindblowing things


Many propagate the theory that most creatives must be fucked up to create well. They must dress shabbily, eat on dirt-crusted plates, live with paints, colors, and dirt in their hair, and smoke like a chimney. Do away with that theory: it’s unhealthy and filled with lies.