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Overcoming Introversion Through Photography- Elroy Salam

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Elroy Salam is a self-taught editorial and conceptual photographer based in Ghana, West Africa. His passion for photography grew in August 2015, while exploring various mediums of photography trying to find himself and preferred niche.

Salam, the third of four children and the only boy, started photography as a form of escape from the real world which reflects in his introverted personality. Photography became a space where he felt less pressured from what family and his society expected of him.

He takes pride in capturing the true spirit & personality of the people & subjects that he photographs, exploring issues and stories his viewers can relate with.

He has also gained experience as a lifestyle and commercial photographer working with brands such as Aqua Safari Resort, Skybar 25, Absa Bank, Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement Systems Limited, Ibis Styles Hotel, Yolo Experiences Limited, among others.

“Growing up, I have always been that kid who was too shy to speak up or too introverted to talk to or make new friends in a new space. I usually stick to a small circle. I am very sensitive to the interactions I have with people. Photography serves as a medium to communicate properly to others about topics and issues I find it difficult to voice out. I see it as a form of therapy”.

Many people may think of themselves as shy or at least call themselves shy as a convenient label – or they may be characterized that way by other people – when actually they are highly sensitive or introverted and therefore feel more emotionally safe and comfortable in less social situations.

Today, as a visual artist working with photography, Elroy has decided to channel his emotions and experiences to offer an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution through his work.

Credits (Models):

Matthew Osei (@koj.sei)

Christina Kenneth ( @krys_ken)

Alexxa Walker (@realalexxawalker)

Addis-Abba (@_addis_ababa)



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