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NO PLACE LIKE HOME - An Editorial by Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer, Dan Carter.

In this Exclusive Editorial, Cape Town, South Africa-based fashion and lifestyle photographer Dan Carter urges us to honor our ancestors as we reclaim our heritage.


To honour the ones who came before us, the ones who uprooted their lives for us, for the ones who risked it all for us, this is a continuation of a progressing series about taking back the ownership over our identity which I believe, could be our greatest inheritance of all. 

As a Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa, beauty is at my fingertips. From outstanding landscapes to rich and diverse cultures, inspiration is inevitable but more often than not, my work is an outworking of an inward wrestling. Artists create to heal; we create to understand; sometimes we create out of our ignorance, sometimes out of joy or frustration, perhaps even our resentment. I think these very raw and real emotions are what people connect with so deeply. There is nothing more human than to question and to wonder.