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Moshoodat Sanni Serves Her Craft Through the Love For Beauty, Ingenuity, And Artistry

Garden We Call Life, Creative Direction @moshoodat, Photography @islandboiphotography

Moshoodat Sanni is a versatile and multi-talented artist who is highly skilled in makeup, costume design, and creative directions. She is a NY-based makeup artist, content creator and creative director known for her unconventional ideas that she incorporates into her artistry. From an early age she discovered her passion for beauty and her love for innovation and creativity even before she launched into her Career in Makeup.

Moshoodat Sanni

She entered the creative world as a makeup artist & licensed esthetician and soon after began creating conceptual ideas with photographers. Her journey of self-acceptance propelled her career and her work is recognized across the continent for being elegant and regal. As someone who is enthusiast about beauty and its earnest form, the goal of Moshoodat is to alter how people perceive women of color in society. This emerged the creation of the series "Moshoodat," which led to features on BET, BuzzFeed, Refinery 29, Yahoo, and a long list of other publications.