Minimalist is the new cool with clothing brand, Cold Laundry.

Updated: Nov 1

Utilitarian dressing has never been more relevant than it is now, yet in the hands of Cold Laundry, what may have been deemed austere emanates a sense of being at ease and at peace.

Cold Laundry is a gender-neutral brand founded in 2019 by London-based husband-and-wife team Ola and Cerise Alabi. The brand offers everyday staples like loose trousers, cosy puffer coats, oversized sweaters, and longline hoodies in sensual tones like forest greens, mocha browns, taupe-like greys, and a range of nude shades.


The Alabis founded Cold Laundry on a leap of faith, inspired by the Korean style for clean, minimalist clothes, which they championed in their March 2021 Style Special (W*263). They chose this style after spending time in Korea and falling in love with the Asian approach to clean, minimalistic design.


They both wanted to promote a vision that reflected who they were as individuals while also appealing to a target audience who could relate to a clean, minimal, feel-good design. They wanted individuals of color to be at the forefront of all they do, thus saw a need to not just produce clothes that make people comfortable, but also to build a brand story that could connect with people's emotions and make them feel good, so they chose to take a minimalist approach to fashion.

However, pieces in Cold Laundry's warm and inviting universe have an elevated but approachable sense of style and taste. The range prioritizes ease of wear, but the well-curated mix of pieces, like boxy double-breasted blazer jackets and drawstring pants with elasticated waistbands, makes a distinctive and unforgettable dash.


The brand takes an inclusive approach to fashion that resonates with the times and is reasonably priced which explains why things continually sell out. Cold Laundry has become a leader in supporting representation and diversity within the fashion industry, thanks to its devoted and growing fan base.