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Men Do Not Always Enjoy Your Over-Proximity

Image credit X @adrienneraquel

“I find it very offensive when I am touched without my consent.”

I bet you read this in a woman’s voice and it may be accurate but the reality is that men feel this way a lot of times. When we hear sexual harassment, the first thing we think of is that the victim is woman and the perpetrator is a man. You’re not wrong because several instances of sexual harassment happen that way but the reality is that, men can also be victims at the hands of both men and women.


This is an opinion piece to address how these same things happen to men but they have been marginalized because at some point, some women have made themselves believe it is only harassment when a man does it to them.

Male sexual harassment happens everywhere; at work, at the gym, the mall, on the bus, at church, in restaurants, the club etc. They can be in the form of unwelcome touching and caressing, offensive sexual name calling and sexual comments and jokes.

I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance who shared his experience at his workplace with me. He worked in a female dominated office and there were several instances where his boss would squeeze his butt as a form of appreciation for him getting something right.