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Meet the Artist Who Makes Life-sized Sculptures from Cooking Spoons.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Abinoro Akporede Collins, Artist and Sculptor

The next time you use cutlery to eat, think of how they can be more than ordinary spoons and forks.

Abinoro Collins, a phenomenally brilliant Nigerian artist, will be the focus of this week's episode of #TheSpotlight, our series showcasing the works and lives of Creatives.

Abinoro Akporode Collins, one may call him the “spoon artist”, is an artist and a sculptor from Delta State, Nigeria. He majored in Sculpture at the Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, in Edo State of Nigeria, where he graduated as the best student in his class. What makes Abinoro unique as a sculptor is that he makes his sculptures with unique and unconventional materials. He is known for creating the most wonderful sculptures out of spoons.


Many of us may think of spoons as just "spoons" or uninteresting objects. We only think of them when we have to eat and think of them only as objects to aid our feeding, but like many other great artists, Abinoro did not see spoons as just that. He thought of spoons and imagined what greatness he could create out of them, he thought of how similar spoon handles are to wings. His first artwork using spoons was inspired by a lecturer in his school who had charged his students to search for unconventional materials for creating their works.


Abinoro went out to a junkyard to seek different materials he could use for sculpting and after wondering for a while what materials to use, he finally settled for a common, yet unconventional material; spoons. With these spoons, he created his first spoon sculpture; a small cockerel. His first spoon sculpture came out beautifully to the admiration of his lecturers and fellow students.

Today, Abinoro Collins has created many sculptures out of spoons, including birds such as eagles, other animals like lions, and human images. Spoon art is taking the world by storm, as some other artists have displayed their talents by making unique designs on spoons and out of spoons. Some spoon artwork are on sale on Etsy, and they include the works of super creative spoon artists.  

Abinoro's art has drawn the attention of so many media firms and landed him big projects and contracts. He continues to create jaw-breaking, unconventional, and beautiful art out of spoons.



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