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MeccaMind on his style of music, new single “Sunny” and upcoming mixtape “Let the Kidz Play”


21-year-old artiste from Bloemfontein, South Africa, MeccaMind has released visuals for his single “Sunny” which is a part of his upcoming mixtape LET THE KIDZ PLAY“. Here’s what he tells us about his music, the new single “Sunny” and his upcoming mixtape:


I started making music when I was 15 and I started because one day I was just sitting there, bored of all the music that was being released so I was like “why don’t I make the Typa music I would want to listen to”. Surprisingly people loved it, started catching on around my city especially amongst the skaters and the “artsy kids”. I would say some of my influences include Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu and the whole Soulection movement , I think it’s pretty evident in my beat selection and cadence on my songs.


Sunny is the first single off my upcoming mixtape called “LET THE KIDZ PLAY“ the name is inspired by being young, irresponsible,unapologetic, creative and free basically capturing the essence of youth. As you can tell the approach is different compared to some of my old melodic songs this is more rowdy and in your face.


As for Sunny the title is inspired by a friend of mine who is a painter and his name is Sundog (@sundog333) he actually painted the single artwork which is sick, the song is produced by a 16 year old that goes by the name Oluh (@oluh_fool).The whole story behind the song is that I was inspired by the certain things I have experienced and seen in my environment so basically a little update about life because Sunny is the first song I release in two years so I thought it would be cool to introduce this new me and aesthetic.


With the video that’s all from the genius Vahid Skippy Davids (@8882444443_). He literally sat down and dissected the lyrics from the song and came up with imagery that match the lyrics which is amazing. He took the lyric from the hook to and made a lil love story of me reminiscing about a love interest and how it quickly turned sour hence the the flowers burning in my hand I think that’s one of my favourite scenes as I mentioned earlier the idea is to capture the essence of the youth the rowdiness and the rebelliousness so we had to include the scene of us acting rowdy in the workshop.


“Sunny is just the first in a series of things we have in store for Let The Kidz Play we got crazy content, merchandise and more events lined up, it’s not just a mixtape but an experience. As for the tape you can expect that around October.“ -MeccaMind

Watch video here:



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