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Local African Footwear brand, Vokal by Kabelo Masia nominated for 2022 Global Footwear Award (GFS)

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Kabelo Masia, Founder, Vokal Footwear and Apparel

Local South African Footwear brand VOKAL, founded by Kabelo Masia has been nominated for the 2022 Global Footwear Award in the best design category for its V8 style. Kabelo Masia, a 31 year old South African entrepreneur from Bloemfontein in the Free State, has been building for over a decade, a footwear brand that focuses on athletes, as there is no such brand in Africa with athletes as their core target.


Asides athletes being VOKAL's main target market, the brand also offers products for people who enjoy streetwear fashion and urban culture. In keeping with its name, VOKAL, the brand seeks to vocalize the underrepresented histories of African athletes and promote them globally.


The brand's Founder; Kabelo Masia emphasizes on the fact that Africans do not have an African brand that resonates with African athletes, and VOKAL intends to change that. In Kabelo's words "We want to have our brand worn by local and international athletes. We want to tell our African stories through this brand. Having such an authentic brand that relates to African athletes will change the footwear and sports industry." Having being nominated for the 2022 Global Footwear Award( best design category), Kabelo dreams are becoming a reality;

"We are a small and unknown brand in the market. The nomination is a step in the right direction. It shows that we are able and ready to conquer the footwear industry,”


In an Interview, Kabelo said he has always been artistic and enjoyed sketching and drawing while he was a school learner. Stating that his design skills improved after he enrolled for an online graphic design degree at the University of London. The course enabled him to understand different design software and how to bring his ideas to life. Kabelo's V8 design and concept scored the brand a partnership with one of the world’s leading sports footwear brands.

“Adidas lent us a production space to manufacture our products at their Vietnam factory. The partnership will enable us to produce quality shoes for our customers since their factory has the best equipment."

In recent interview with Radio 2000, Kabelo talks about his design nomination, the brand VOKAL, and the nominated Vokal V8 sneaker edition that will be launched in July, four months before the announcement of the 2022 GFA winners.

In accordance to the milestone the brand has attained via the award nomination, Kabelo Masia the brain behind it, will be honoring a variety of interviews; both Magazines and Radio Stations. Amongst them is METRO FM, LESEDI FM scheduled to be attended soonest. Kabelo Masia aims that every design created, serves a particular purpose in a person’s body. Thus, having to ensure that the brand appeals to the eye and is safe for customers.



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