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Ladé, a Nigerian singer, has been named Spotify's latest Fresh Finds Africa artist


Fresh Finds Africa is a monthly television show that aims to help emerging artists gain recognition, exposure, and long-term success. It is part of Spotify's ongoing commitment to the African music industry, which includes initiatives like EQUAL and RADAR. Furthermore, the program caters to fans as well as industry trendsetters looking for information.



Phiona Okumu, Spotify's head of music for Sub-Saharan Africa, expressed her delight at the addition of Ladé to the Fresh Finds Africa program. "She is a voice for today's youth not only in Nigeria, but around the world." By expressing herself in an authentic and relatable manner on this track, she has won the hearts of our editorial staff as well as over 300,000 TikTok users. She's a fantastic person with beautiful vocals. Ladé is without a doubt the voice."


Ladé's smash hit 'Adulthood Anthem' will now be featured on the Fresh Finds Africa playlist. "The joy that comes from being consistently recognized for what you do is an entirely different feeling." I honestly can't hide it. "I am so grateful," Ladé said.


Ladé, born Omolade Oyetundun Rachael, first gained mainstream attention after covering Simi's 'Duduke,' which received over 20,000 views on social media in 2020. Aside from her 2022 smash hit 'Adulthood Anthem,' Ladé is behind the release of Omolade (The EP) in 2021. She has also recorded a number of jingles for TV and radio commercials.



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