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Komla Letsu Phillips to Present Solo Art Exhibition “Big Introspection” in Los Angeles

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Artist, Komla Letsu Phillip at Work

There is nothing we celebrate and find more exciting than the growth of young African talents. One of such is the super talented Ghanaian painter, Komla Letsu Phillips.

Phillips lives in Ho, Ghana where he also works but his talent is taking him across the shores of Africa as he is set host his solo exhibition in Los Angeles.


The much anticipated solo artwork exhibition tagged “Big Introspection” will be held in Arushi’s Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  The opening reception is to begin on February 11th, 2023, and the artwork to be displayed is a collection of acrylic canvases painted by the artist in his studio back in Ho, Ghana.


The paintings to be exhibited were co-curated by Arushi Kapoor of Arushi Gallery and William Prempeh of Berj Art Gallery who also devised the exhibition title after a careful examination of the artist’s painting and the message he intends to pass across to observers.


In his first solo presentation, Komla focuses on promoting genuine acceptance of oneself. In a world where we are constantly stimulated, Komla uses his work to express what silence makes him feel.

A unique feature of the works to be exhibited is the large sea blue eyes of Phillips’ subjects. The blue eyes resembling calm waters can be rightly said to represent the tranquility that comes with solitude and introspection.

More importantly, the blue eyes represent the calm joyfulness that comes with knowing and accepting oneself; the bliss that comes with introspection. The title of the exhibition is indeed excellent as it is nearly impossible to think of a more excellent title.

Another feature that stands out in the collection is the artist’s use of bold and vibrant colors.

Komla Letsu Phillips speaking about his use of vibrant colors says, “I use my sense of coloring to add some genuineness to the paintings. I try to portray what is in me. Being me is what I create.”

One cannot help but be drawn to the subject of his art who are all dark-skinned Black people in a relaxed, tranquil environment.


Komla’s first solo presentation is a win for young African artists and we look forward to this and more exhibitions from the introspective talent.



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