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Kente Gentleman, An Exclusive Clothing Brand Inspired by three different countries

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Kente Gentlemen was founded in 2017.

The brand explores, cherishes, celebrates, and promotes varied sociocultural traditions and identities through fashion, aesthetics, lifestyle, photography, and more in such an interconnected world.

Aristide Loua, the founder, draws inspiration from three countries to create classic masculine silhouettes in Paris, New York, and Abidjan, highlighting his dual or triple culture.

Aristide Loua

Ladies in Kente Gentlemen

The first name in Kente Gentlemen honors the Kente cloth, a legendary African textile and cultural emblem that originated in the Ashanti Kingdom.


The origins of Kente Gentlemen may be traced back to West Africa, a bright, colorful, enigmatic, and interesting place in all its manifestations. The brand's apparel is well-studied, elegant, and edgy, with each piece fashioned in a distinct style and current design.

Every finished piece is fitted, cut, and sewn from African fabrics, with utmost regard for the continent's rich textile heritage and workmanship.

Sira Kante X Kente Gentlemen

One of the most important aspects of the brand is the tailoring's quality and social influence. The business is also committed to involving a community of hand-weavers, artists, tailors, and artisans in order to support the local economy while also sharing the beauty of Africa with people across the world.


The Kente Gentlemen brand is about culture, and it's only appropriate that its creatives embrace and convey those rightful traits to the global village they call home.

The brand is considerably larger than a single person. There are three of them at the core. The Founder - Creative Director is Aristide Loua, the Chief Financial Officer, Sydney Bagrou and and the Chief Technology Officer is Cyprien Mvuanda and they work together to genuinely give a space where they may express tales and communicate feelings through clothing, images, writings, thoughts, and concepts.



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