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Kenny Mason’s New EP Means Better Things To Come - Pup Pack EP Review


Kenny Mason is an American rapper and record producer that had his first big song called “Hit” in 2020. He followed it with his first studio album “Angelic Hoodrat” - a synth filled rap album in a truly unique production style and execution.


The songs on this EP, “Pup Pack EP”, provide different sonic perspectives for the future of Kenny’s discography. Halloween is definitely the “banger” of the album” and it doesn’t disappoint.


It’s filled with more of the interesting and emotionally motivated production that can be found in Kenny’s previous projects with the added feeling of intentionality and accuracy.

It’s the kind of song that comes on in the car and immediately fills the driver with a new level of energy.

“Dip!” is a song that gives a more chill atmosphere. It almost feels like an interlude with its seemingly Lofi HipHop inspired instrumentation. He calmly raps over the beat with another stellar feature from DavidTheTragic.


Then the EP ends with “Get An Idea” a boombap style rap song with layers of lyrical storytelling and unique production elements. One of the things that’s always a pleasure to experience with Kenny Mason projects is the way he makes the production interact with his rapping and storytelling directly.


With his new song with JID, “Dance Now” ,also dropping a week ago and doing very well on the charts, there is hope that his career keeps going up and more people get to experience his sound.

The EP deserves at least an 8.1 out of 10.






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