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ISOKO, A brand Inspired by Both Japanese and Nigerian Origin Set to Change the Fashion World.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022


ISOKO is a premium fashion brand Inspired by both Japanese and Nigerian Origin, built on the foundations of calm, care, and community. This is a recently founded brand (2021), by Oghalé Alex through a desire to bring the concept of calm and connection to the world of fashion.


The brand's founder, Oghalé Alex is known for his uplifting images infused with peacefulness and a softness of touch. It’s these spiritual qualities that the Nigerian-born, US-raised photographer brings to his new conscious fashion brand, ISOKO.

Alex found his initial inspiration in the merging of fashion, music and art, and in bringing together the two parts of the world in which he’s found calmness and creativity; Nigeria and Japan. The brand name pays homage to the Nigerian Isoko tribe his family line derives from, and also translates to ‘Beach’ and ‘Shore’ in Japanese. This reflects Isoko’s effortless aesthetic and emphasis on serenity.