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“Is it Some Sort of Protein Shake?”: To Spit or Swallow?


This is a question most sexually active individuals who engage in oral sex(blowjob) ask themselves at some point in time. Unfortunately, lots of people usually feel pressured to do one or the other. It’s not that deep though and I’m here to tell you why.

“Bad bitch” culture has assigned some sort of connotations to whether an individual can spit or swallow semen after giving a blowjob. People who swallow are seen as adventurous, naughty, highly sexual, and great in bed while people who choose to spit or avoid the semen are tagged as amateurs, prudish, and having low sex drive.

What if I just don’t want to swallow?

People have come up with several reasons as to why swallowing is the best option besides the fact that it gives you a sexual edge, some people have been made to believe that it has some health and weight gain benefits. Is it some sort of protein shake?


“I briefly dated a guy who consistently bragged about how he’s a catch and I won’t regret getting intimate with him. His reasoning behind this was that for every girl who has swallowed his sperm or in any situation that he consistently didn’t pull out, the ladies gained weight in their hips and butt area. Ridiculous right?”

How are educated people walking around thinking they are somehow responsible for this. Contrary to popular belief, semen is not a substitute for protein shake. It’s a naïve idea that unfortunately, seems to have gained massive ground and is now deeply rooted in some people’s heads.

“I had a friend who was in a toxic and mentally abusive relationship. She was always unhappy and looking for a way out. She eventually did and met an amazing man. She looked happier, lighter, began to gain some healthy weight and everything about her progress was reduced to the semen she may be swallowing.”


For semen to have that kind of effect on a person, they may have to consume gallons of it. Some studies have linked semen to mental health issues such as depression but these have not even been researched enough to become a general consensus. Realistically, there are no health benefits attached to swallowing semen. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve been living your sexual life believing your man’s semen plays a huge role in your weight journey.

It’s important to know that whatever STI you’re scared of can be contracted whether you decide to spit or swallow.


Swallow for whatever sexual reasons but do not try to justify your action or use health benefits to pressurize someone to swallow semen. Some semen is just not worth swallowing either. Just like women’s taste, semen can have an extremely sour and biting taste. I do not have a general knowledge of what semen should taste like but it’s not meant to make your eyes burn and for you to want to throw up.

Again, there is not enough medical research to back this but having a well-balanced diet, hydrating, avoiding cigarettes, and consuming celery, pineapple, and oranges are some ways to make your semen taste palatable and less acidic. You should live by these if you’re a penis owner who enjoys watching their partner swallow.

In the end, whatever choice you make should be your choice and not based on someone else’s beliefs. I’m not saying it’s wrong to swallow, sex is enjoyable for people in different ways and I respect that. What I can’t respect is telling tales to get others to do what works best for you. Next time you feel pressured to do one or the other, BABE, you can just avoid it!




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