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“Is it Some Sort of Protein Shake?”: To Spit or Swallow?


This is a question most sexually active individuals who engage in oral sex(blowjob) ask themselves at some point in time. Unfortunately, lots of people usually feel pressured to do one or the other. It’s not that deep though and I’m here to tell you why.

“Bad bitch” culture has assigned some sort of connotations to whether an individual can spit or swallow semen after giving a blowjob. People who swallow are seen as adventurous, naughty, highly sexual, and great in bed while people who choose to spit or avoid the semen are tagged as amateurs, prudish, and having low sex drive.

What if I just don’t want to swallow?

People have come up with several reasons as to why swallowing is the best option besides the fact that it gives you a sexual edge, some people have been made to believe that it has some health and weight gain benefits. Is it some sort of protein shake?


“I briefly dated a guy who consistently bragged about how he’s a catch and I won’t regret getting intimate with him. His reasoning behind this was that for every girl who has swallowed his sperm or in any situation that he